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IELTS Skype Teacher: What should students look out for?

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IELTS Skype Teacher: What should students look out for?

One of the biggest challenges for students undertaking the IELTS exam is in finding a quality native English teacher with proven experience in the examination. It is absolutely essential to find an English tutor who inherently understands the IELTS test and has a track record of helping students to achieve the score they need. Once the student has found the right IELTS teacher for them, a detailed programme of study can be established and followed. Given that the IELTS exam originates from Great Britain, it makes complete sense for students to choose a native British teacher to work with during their test preparation time.

Why is Skype perfect for your IELTS preparation?

The reality of modern 21st century living means that time is a very precious commodity and many professionals find themselves in a situation where it is completely unrealistic to take face to face English classes during working hours through Monday to Friday. An IELTS Skype English course is the best solution under these circumstances as your study programme can be designed around your schedule and you'll also find much greater flexibility when it comes to moving your IELTS class to another day and time when your daily schedule changes unexpectedly. A further benefit of preparing for your IELTS exam by Skype is that all material will be electronic, so there's no need to carry around text books and build up tons of paperwork class after class. 

Finally, the fact that you are able to conduct your IELTS Skype lessons from any place of your choosing means that you no longer have to go through the laborious process of identifying and booking a meeting room at your companies' office, which is so frequently incredibly difficult and can often lead to additional stress. We find that our IELTS students are much more relaxed and focused when they are in their home environment and have shaken off the shackles of their work place. 

What are the benefits of working with an IELTS Skype teacher?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of working with an IELTS tutor from ELTS is the fact that all of our teachers are native English speakers. This means that students have the ability to work on their English pronunciation in conjunction with their IELTS preparation. An integral part of the IELTS speaking test which examiners pay particular attention to is the student's pronunciation. We should never lose sight of the fact that this is a British examination, not US, so working together a native British English teacher makes complete sense when we understand the importance of having the best English pronunciation possible. Such teachers can correct a student's pronunciation in real time and ensure that any common mistakes are ironed out prior to undertaking the IELTS speaking test. Many students come to us at ELTS with many mistakes they have learnt from non-native English teachers during the course of their English language journey. Whilst they can more often than not be understood, this is still not sufficient enough for the IELTS exam when we consider that annunciation and intonation are a further two elements of pronunciation which they will be judged on. 

The IELTS speaking exam: Why prepare via Skype?

Although the IELTS exam, similarly to most other English examinations, has 4 component parts, the large majority of our students come to us for help in preparing for the speaking part of the test. Online Skype lessons offer students the opportunity to work intensively, multiple times per week. By contrast, it can be very difficult to do the same with face to face English classes. 

The speaking exam consists of 3 sections and each of them requires a different approach and the application of different techniques to be successful. As a result of this, it is so important to work intensively with a knowledgeable IELTS tutor who has a wealth of past and current speaking questions to ensure yo are practicing as many possible topics as possible. Many students can be thrown by receiving a topic during the exam which they haven't at least considered during their preparation time. This is why preparing properly via Skype is so integral to securing the score you require. All of our ELTS exam teachers keep themselves up to date with the latest information regarding recent IELTS test papers, which makes the lives of our students much easier. We have recently seen topics related to looking in mirrors and dreaming become more and more common in some of the latest IELTS speaking tests. In our experience, those students who prepare online have access to more contemporary IELTS speaking information than those who take face to face classes. 

If you would like to discuss your IELTS requirements with us then please get in touch and request a 15 minute trial consultation.