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IELTS: How to get yourself ready for the exam

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IELTS: How to get yourself ready for the exam

Preparing yourself for undertaking the IELTS exam can be a stressful time for students as there seems to be so much to get through in order to feel ready to take the IELTS test. Understanding how to apply yourself to the preparation stage of the IELTS examination will enable to utilise your time and energies in the optimum way. However, finding the methodologies which work is often one of the most difficult aspects when training for your pending IELTS exam, so there's no doubt that working with an ELTS teacher is going to give you the best chance to achieve the score you are after. This article intends to outline some of the questions which students need to ask themselves to properly prepare and ensure that they are not wasting their time with their IELTS practice.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether or not the IELTS exam is the right examination for you? Depending upon the immigration category related to your application means that one of the other lesser exams may be sufficient. As such, be sure to double check exactly what the requirements are before you embark on your training. Here's some fantastic information from the British Council which is an important read before deciding which of the IELTS' exams are for you.

Another key question to ask yourself is what is the purpose of taking the IELTS exam? If you are looking to secure a place at a university to study abroad then the Academic IELTS exam is the one for you. However, if you are taking the exam as part of an immigration process then the IELTS General exam is the one for you. Therefore, be clear on your motivations, so that you don't waste time studying for the wrong exam!

It is also very important to understand what your current IELTS score/level is before you begin your preparation. What areas are you weak in? Which of the 4 sections do you most need to make improvements? Where are you strongest, so don't need to spend so much time working on? Whilst you can take some practice tests to get an idea of where you are currently, it is very advisable to speak with an expert IELTS teacher from ELTS who can analyse and advise you on exactly what you need to do

A question that is often not asked by students is when should I actually take the IELTS exam considering the preparation time I need to get to the score I want? On many occasions students book their exam slot before they have qualified exactly how long they need to study the different aspects that make up the IELTS test, meaning that they are quite simply unable to obtain they score they want because they lack the sufficient techniques and expertise to score a 6. 7 or more. It is common for students to approach IELTS teachers when they only have a matter of a couple of weeks or even days prior to the exam date. In these circumstances a good IELTS teacher can try and give the best overview possible of the requisite techniques, but it unrealistic to expect to become a strong proponent of these techniques without some weeks of guided practice with one of our ELTS teachers  

If you ask yourself these questions in good time prior to booking your IELTS exam then you make sure that you are as prepared as possible not only from a language and technique perspective, but also in terms of being organised, which creates a level of calm and composure, that is so utterly beneficial for scoring highly in your IELTS exam.