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English language training on skype

Online English

English language training on skype

ELTS is a UK based online company offering tailor-made courses conducted with native English speakers online through Skype. Learning with native speakers is a necessity for those wishing to improve their English skills and it is most certainly the best way to improve vocabulary, understand accents and really get to grips not just with the spoken aspect of English but the culture as well. In order to provide the highest standard of classes ELTS only employs qualified and experienced ESL teachers from the UK and America. Across the globe the options for lessons with native speakers can be limited and this is where ELTS comes to the rescue. Regardless of time zone, availability and location you will always have access to a native teacher.

Why online learning?

As English has become the lingua franca of choice internationally it has never been more important to be confident in your communication; whether for business, travel or study. Regardless of availability of native teachers in your area ELTS offers unrestricted access to the best teachers online. Many students also have trouble arranging lessons around professional and personal commitments and this is where online learning provides a unique opportunity for total flexibility based around your individual needs.

Personalizing your ESL teacher

The first step to selecting the right teacher is deciding what region you require – British or American. Whilst both will provide you with an improvement in your English it is important to note that vocabulary and structures (as well as accents!) do differ between the two. You will also need to consider clear and defined study goals for your course and realistic time frames. Our teachers specialize in different areas of ESL learning including for example; business English, exam preparation, general conversation and academic English. By providing us with as much information as possible about your study requirements during the administration stage we are able to allocate the best tutor for you.

ELTS online courses

ELTS offers an extensive range of courses for all levels of ability including the following:

  • English for job interviews - A specific preparatory course covering interview technique, CV advice and Q&A role plays.
  • Exam preparation – An intensive individualized course for International English exam preparation. Covering exam technique and focusing on perfecting all exam sections.
  • Conversational English – A useful course for anyone wanting to build confidence in their general conversational ability including covering a variety of topic areas, building vocabulary and improving fluency.
  • Business English – Specifically designed courses to comprehensively cover any aspect of English needed in your personal business environment.
  • Academic English – For those wanting to study at an English speaking Institution this course is essential for assisting with all your academic English needs on a personal one-to-one basis.
  • English For Specific Purposes – A tailor made course focusing on specific English language needs of professionals. Including, but not limited to, Law, Medicine and Architecture these courses provide an experienced tutor to help those who need sector-focused English.
  • UK and USA based English courses – Designed for those living in the UK or USA these courses cover all challenges, both linguistically and culturally, of life abroad.
And introducing:
  • Conversation clubs – An innovative and unique opportunity to practice your English in a group discussion conducted over Skype. With a maximum of 4 students per group and presided over by a qualified native teacher these optional extra clubs are a great way to improve fluency, give opinions and listen to others.

For more information please visit the “OUR COURSES” page of our website. For those who want to start improving and perfecting their English skills please visit the ELTS homepage and request a 15 minute free Skype trial and consultation with one of our native teachers.

We look forward to hearing from you!